31 August 2023

Fraser Yachts announce the appointment of Anders Kurtén as CEO

He joins the worldwide Fraser team with over 25 years of management, sales, marketing, and product development experience across both the marine and luxury sectors

Celebrating 76 years of delivering global luxury yacht services and support, Fraser Yachts is proud to announce the appointment of Anders Kurten as CEO.

Born in Finland and with a pioneering background in solutions-based IT services and the 360 approach of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), Anders has a proven track record in applying that knowledge and ‘out of the box’ thinking for the benefit of innovative start-ups and legacy brands throughout his 25 years of management, sales, marketing, and product development experience across both the marine and luxury sectors.

Known for his pragmatic and hands-on approach to management, in his previous role as CEO of Baltic Yachts in Finland, Anders most recently led and implemented the company’s strategic turnaround resulting in the respected and much sought-after brand that it is today.

A seasoned and spirited keynote speaker and industry ambassador, Anders has shared his insights on many aspects of yachting including the future of the marine industry, the evolving world of UHNWIs and importantly, the vital role to be played in ensuring sustainability remains top of our agenda as an industry which, now more than ever, has more reason to work together as one entity than ever before.

Chuck Cashman, on behalf of the Board of Fraser Yachts comments: “We have conducted one of the most extensive worldwide searches ever in our objective of seeking out the right profile for the role of CEO at Fraser - an industry-leading brand respected worldwide by clients and industry alike for its people, service, insight, and results. And I am pleased to say we didn’t need to compromise on any of our core criteria. Anders comes with an in-depth and pragmatic understanding of the yachting and luxury sectors, a knowledge and passion for the Internet of Things (IoT) and its application for greater client service and support, and a track record for delivering sustained growth through hands-on team inspiration and drive. We are pleased to welcome Anders to the Fraser family and looking forward to an exciting time ahead.”

Anders Kurtén notes: “I am truly excited, proud and privileged to join Fraser – in my mind the leading provider of brokerage and luxury yachting services. This is a great opportunity to join a company that I have always admired and considered the benchmark of excellence. I look forward to working with and leading this proven, consistent, and motivated team of dedicated professionals to achieve even greater success - together. Fraser shares my deep passion and understanding for developing industry wide solutions and practices for more sustainable superyacht experiences. With so many recent quantum leaps in sustainable technologies, materials, and processes, it is a truly exciting time to be a part of this industry. The coming years will bring great things - and I am firmly convinced that our joint future will be forever greener.”