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31 August 2023

The new Arcona 50 is tested and ready for her world premiere

Over the past month, the Arcona 50 has been tested rigorously on the stretch of water between Sweden and Denmark, near the Arcona Uddevalla yard


Skippered by Arcona Yachts’ CEO Urban Lagnéus and assisted by a team of experts from a number of Arcona ‘suppliers’, including Ariadna Pons, Yacht Designer & Naval Architect from Jeppesen & Pons, the first test revealed that the sailing experience was remarkable in how easy the Arcona 50 is to handle and steer. High stability, the sails were easy to control via the powerful electrical self-tailing winches and the ‘push-button’ furling systems made sail handling extremely easy too.

The efficiency of the twin rudders was superb. Steering was great with fingertip control even in the gusty and cold winds blowing between 14-19 knots. The stability and sail carrying capability is very high, all to enable a shorthanded, and even a less experienced crew, to feel safe and comfortable when sailing. The manoeuvrability in the narrow marinas was a very positive experience with the 110hp engine with a saildrive and 3 blade folding propeller. Both the powerful bow and stern (retractable) thrusters made it easy even in windy conditions.

The final commissioning test, before the Arcona 50 premiere at Orust Sailboat Show with Open Yard, took place on Friday 11th August out of Fiskebäckskil. On board with Arcona CEO Urban Lagnéus, were Niels Jeppesen, from Jeppesen & Pons yacht designers, and Simon Rosier from SE Yachts, the exclusive Arcona UK dealers.

With southerly gusty winds, tacking through the narrow Swedish waters of the Gåsö Archipelago demonstrated how easy the Arcona 50 is to keep in the groove where she settles around 8 knots boat speed whilst pointing 27 degrees to the apparent wind direction.

Niels Jeppesen was more than satisfied with his experience helming the 50 and said,

“Never have I found 15 tons so easy to control. Playing with the electrical (optional) main sheet car (recessed below the cockpit floor), in the gusty winds, to fine tune the gentle rudder feel was the icing on the cake. I believe any sailor will enjoy that feature when real sailing pleasure is the priority.

Sailing on open courses also gave me a seriously satisfying experience. All in all, I am extremely proud of Jeppesen & Pons’ first Arcona and we are looking forward to offering test sails to journalists and the market.”

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