Dream Boats 1-2018

6 PROTAGONISTS FABIO MAZZEO › E XCLUSIVA D ESIGN ENTERS THE WORLD OF SUPERYACHTS IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE T ANKOA BOATYARD . A ND CREATES A 72- METRE YACHT THAT IS RADICAL IN DESIGN , IN ITS IDEA OF LUXURY AND ... IN ITS NAME (B OLIDE ). F ABIO M AZZEO , CHAIRMAN AND DESIGN DIRECTOR , TALKS TO US ABOUT IT by Marta Gasparini erhaps it is no coincidence that to design one of the most iconic projects of these times, it was not a designer specialising in luxury yachts to be chosen, but a prestigious studio working in the world of yachting for the first time: Exclusiva Design. And it is not a coincidence either, probably, that this object of desire, destined to become the pride and joy of some shipowner, should be given the name of Bolide. Derived from Latin, bolis means meteor, those that appear in the sky with a luminous, wide and persistent trail. But bolide is also the Italian term used to define fast and powerful vehicles in terms of performance and style. Now, Bolide is the concept of a 72-metre yacht born from the partner- ship between the Tankoa boatyard and Exclusiva Design, two Italian companies famous for the creation of “unique pieces” intended for very, very select customers. The design studio is one of the most important inter- national companies to specialise both in the design and realisation and execution of public and private architec- tural projects all over the world, while « Tankoa is the first boutique boatyard to construct yachts for boat owners looking for a superior quality, able to compete with the great northern European shipyards, combined with Italian style and know-how» , says Fabio Mazzeo during our meeting. Bolide was born from the bringing together of these two businesses, a dream that is slowly taking shape. But we need to take a step back to learn about its history. « Few people know that I graduated with a thesis on the design of a boat» , Fabio Mazzeo recounts. « And even though I have always worked in another sector during my career, fate had ‘a return to origins’ in store for me, ensur- ing my path crossed with that of the Genoese yard, with which we share exclusivity and uniqueness of our work, P Exclusively