Dream Boats 02-2018

16 SHIPYARD - PERINI NAVI › oving from a single yacht under construc- tion in 2016 to four in 2017 and to six in 2018 under production at the sites of Vi- areggio, La Spezia and Yildiz (in Turkey), is no small deal. If we add to this the fact that the break-even point is expected to be reached by year’s end and return to profit- ability in 2019, it is easy to understand the optimism pervading the boatyard, and which we were able to sense for ourselves when we met the exponents of this great Italian boatbuilding firm. They opened the doors of Perini to us, illustrating the present and future of a fleet that has always been able to draw admiration in every corner of the planet. « The recovery » , explained Lamberto Tacoli. chairman and M.D. of Perini Navi, « has started strongly. The boats under construction and the excellent response that the market is showing for our new projects are positive signs » . This sense of optimism also emerges from the words New age of Fabrizio Sgariglia and Luca Boldrini – sales direc- tor of the sailing and motorboat sectors, respectively – who talk about the two new models: the 42-metre E-volution Sailing Yacht and the 25-metre Eco Ten- der, both of which share a complex hybrid propul- sion system to navigate in tranquillity and safety, and sophisticated technological and functional solutions. This ability to innovate and transform ideas into technologically unique products coincides perfectly with the success story of the brand. Let’s start with the 42-metre sailing yacht with Fab- rizio Sgariglia: « E-volution is the result of sharing experiences with Lamberto. We felt the need to present an alternative product to the existing proposals in the 30-35 metre range, a niche of custom-built boats made of carbon. We sensed that many yacht owners felt the need to grow and arrive at a complete sailing yacht, a solution in which the typical comfort of Perini’s pro- duction, technological evolution and the performance M The shipyard in Viareggio. W ITH SIX YACHTS UNDER CONSTRUCTION , DIVIDED EQUALLY BETWEEN SAIL AND MOTOR , THE YARD IS EXPERIENCING A MOMENT OF GREAT ACTIVITY , FUELLED IN PART BY NEW AND HIGHLY INNOVATIVE PROJECTS CONFORMING WITH ITS HISTORY by Paola Ghisi