02 December 2023

Simrad Marine Electronics Debuts New HALO 5000

First IMO Approved Solid-State Radar for the Commercial Market


Simrad Marine Electronics, a leader in marine electronics and navigation, today announced the release of its new HALO® 5000 solid-state radar for the commercial market, designed to provide superior situational awareness for commercial vessels, reduced ownership cost and flexible installation.

“We are thrilled to launch the HALO 5000, our first IMO approved solid-state radar for the commercial sector,” said Massimo Carmagnini, Product Manager, Digital Systems for Navico Group. “Developed to keep users safe in even the harshest environments, the new radar provides premium situational awareness while also offering broad compatibility and easy installation. Our team is proud to deliver a cutting-edge product that any commercial vessel can rely on.”

The HALO 5000 has 130W pulse compression featuring excellent visibility in all conditions. Revolutionary Target Tracking allows users to automatically monitor thousands of radar targets within a 24 nautical mile zone, displaying as many as 100 of those targets on screen simultaneously. Additionally, the new radar includes an adapted transmission pulse burst scheme, an Advanced Performance Monitor device, and advanced technical manuals allowing it to meet and exceed IMO requirements.

As a solid-state radar sensor, the HALO 5000 has significantly lower cost of ownership than traditional magnetron radars, and the state-of-the-art, compact design and simplified connectors ensure reliability, availability, and serviceability throughout its lifespan. The HALO 5000 offers broad compatibility due to its modular design allowing it to slot seamlessly into existing Simrad® R5000 systems with full IMO/SOLAS compliance. The simplified connectors and pre-wired thin power and ethernet cable offer easy, low-cost installation and future servicing.

For the first time, the HALO 5000 is available in both 4-foot and 6-foot antenna designs and provides the choice of 22 or 44 RPM speeds on either 24VDC or 230VAC power supply. The HALO 5000 will be sold as part of the R5000 radar system product line.